Install and configure

Transonic is a pure Python package and can be installed with

pip install transonic

In Conda environments, one can also use the equivalent commands with conda or mamba.

Transonic is sensible to environment variables:

  • TRANSONIC_DIR can be set to control where the cached files are saved.

  • TRANSONIC_DEBUG triggers a verbose mode.

  • TRANSONIC_COMPILE_AT_IMPORT can be set to enable a mode for which Transonic compiles at import time the Pythran file associated with the imported module. This behavior can also be triggered programmatically by using the function set_compile_at_import.

  • TRANSONIC_NO_REPLACE can be set to disable all code replacements. This is useful to compare execution times and when measuring code coverage.

  • TRANSONIC_COMPILE_JIT can be set to false to disable the compilation of jited functions. This can be useful for unittests.

  • TRANSONIC_BACKEND to choose between the supported backends. The default backend “pythran” is quite robust. There are now 3 other backends: “cython”, “numba” and “python” (prototypes).

  • TRANSONIC_MPI_TIMEOUT sets the MPI timeout (default to 5 s).