Source code for transonic.dist

"""Utilities for the files

User API

Provides the classes PythranBuildExt and PythranExtension to be used in the

.. autofunction:: detect_transonic_extensions

.. autofunction:: init_transonic_extensions


import os
import sys
from pathlib import Path
from distutils.sysconfig import get_config_var
from typing import Iterable
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor as Pool
import re

from distutils.command.build_ext import build_ext as DistutilsBuildExt

    from Cython.Distutils.build_ext import build_ext as CythonBuildExt
    from Cython.Build import cythonize
except ImportError:
    build_ext_classes = [DistutilsBuildExt]
    can_import_cython = False
    build_ext_classes = [CythonBuildExt]
    can_import_cython = True

    from pythran.dist import PythranBuildExt, PythranExtension
except ImportError:
    PythranBuildExt = object
    PythranExtension = object
    can_import_pythran = False
    build_ext_classes.insert(0, PythranBuildExt)
    can_import_pythran = True

from .util import modification_date

from transonic.config import backend_default
from transonic.backends import make_backend_files, backends
from transonic.util import can_import_accelerator

__all__ = [

def get_logger(name):
    """Returns a logger instance using ``colorlog`` package if available; else
    defaults to ``logging`` standard library.

        import colorlog as logging

            handler = logging.StreamHandler()
        except AttributeError:
            # see
            raise ImportError
            logging.ColoredFormatter("%(log_color)s%(levelname)s: %(message)s")
    except ImportError:
        import logging

        handler = logging.StreamHandler()

    logger = logging.getLogger(name)
    return logger

[docs]def detect_transonic_extensions( name_package: str, backend: str = backend_default ) -> Iterable[str]: """Recursively scans a package for Pythran extensions to build, and returns a list of strings, where each string is a module name. The package should be present in the current working directory. """ if backend != "numba" and not can_import_accelerator(backend): return [] ext_names = [] if not os.path.exists(str(name_package)): raise FileNotFoundError(f"Check the name of the package: {name_package}") backend = backends[backend] if backend.suffix_extension == ".py": # we have to filter out the "extensions" pattern = re.compile("_[a-f0-9]{32}.py$") extension = ".py" for root, dirs, files in os.walk(str(name_package)): path_dir = Path(root) for name in files: if ( == f"__{}__" and name.endswith(extension) and not name.startswith("__ext__") ): path = path_dir / name if ( backend.suffix_extension == ".py" and is not None ): continue ext_names.append( str(path).replace(os.path.sep, ".").split(extension)[0] ) return ext_names
def init_pythran_extensions( name_package: str, include_dirs: Iterable[str] = (), compile_args: Iterable[str] = (), exclude_exts: Iterable[str] = (), logger=None, ): return init_transonic_extensions( name_package, "pythran", include_dirs, compile_args, exclude_exts, logger )
[docs]def init_transonic_extensions( name_package: str, backend: str = backend_default, include_dirs: Iterable[str] = (), compile_args: Iterable[str] = (), exclude_exts: Iterable[str] = (), logger=None, inplace=None, annotate=False, ): """Detects pythran extensions under a package and returns a list of Extension instances ready to be passed into the ``setup()`` function. Parameters ---------- name_package: Package to be recursively scanned for Pythran extensions. backend : str Only initialize extensions for this backend. If None, initialize extensions for the default backend (set by an environment variable). include_dirs: Directories to include while building extensions, for e.g.: ``numpy.get_include()`` compile_args: Arguments to be used while compiling extensions exclude_ext: Extensions to be excluded from the detected list. """ modules = detect_transonic_extensions(name_package, backend) if not modules: return [] if backend == "numba": # very special case for Numba paths = [Path(mod.replace(".", os.path.sep) + ".py") for mod in modules] backends["numba"].compile_extensions(paths, None) return [] elif backend == "pythran": BackendExtension = PythranExtension elif backend == "cython": def BackendExtension(mod, files): # to avoid a bug: Cython does not take into account .pxd file ext = cythonize(files[0], annotate=annotate, language_level=3)[0] = mod return ext else: return [] if len(exclude_exts) > 0 and logger: "Files in the packages " + str(exclude_exts) + " will not be built." ) if inplace is None: inplace = "develop" in sys.argv or ( "build_ext" in sys.argv and "--inplace" in sys.argv ) extensions = [] for mod in modules: package = mod.rsplit(".", 1)[0] if any(package == excluded for excluded in exclude_exts): continue base_file = mod.replace(".", os.path.sep) py_file = base_file + ".py" suffix = get_config_var("EXT_SUFFIX") bin_file = base_file + suffix if ( not inplace or not os.path.exists(bin_file) or modification_date(bin_file) < modification_date(py_file) ): if logger: "Extension has to be built: {} -> {} ".format( py_file, os.path.basename(bin_file) ) ) pext = BackendExtension(mod, [py_file]) if isinstance(include_dirs, str): include_dirs = [include_dirs] pext.include_dirs.extend(include_dirs) pext.extra_compile_args.extend(compile_args) extensions.append(pext) return extensions
class ParallelBuildExt(*build_ext_classes): @property def logger(self): try: import colorlog as logging # see if "pep517" in repr(logging): raise ImportError except ImportError: import logging logger = logging.getLogger(self.logger_name) return logger def initialize_options(self): """Modify the following to packaging specific needs.""" super().initialize_options() self.logger_name = "transonic" self.num_jobs_env_var = "" self.ignoreflags = ("-Wstrict-prototypes",) self.ignoreflags_startswith = ("-axMIC_", "-diag-disable:") def finalize_options(self): """Only changed to support setting ``self.parallel`` automatically.""" if self.parallel is None: self.parallel = self.get_num_jobs() super().finalize_options() self.logger.debug(f"Parallel build enabled with {self.parallel} jobs") self.logger.debug(f"Base classes: {build_ext_classes}") def get_num_jobs(self): try: num_jobs = int(os.environ[self.num_jobs_env_var]) except KeyError: import multiprocessing num_jobs = multiprocessing.cpu_count() try: from psutil import virtual_memory except ImportError: pass else: avail_memory_in_Go = virtual_memory().available / 1e9 limit_num_jobs = round(avail_memory_in_Go / 3) num_jobs = min(num_jobs, limit_num_jobs) return num_jobs def build_extensions(self): self.check_extensions_list(self.extensions) for ext in self.extensions: try: # For Cython extensions ext.sources = self.cython_sources(ext.sources, ext) except AttributeError: pass # Invoke Distutils build_extensions method which respects # parallel building. Cython's build_ext ignores this DistutilsBuildExt.build_extensions(self) def _build_extensions_parallel(self): """A slightly modified version ``distutils.command.build_ext.build_ext._build_extensions_parallel`` which: - filters out some problematic compiler flags - separates extensions of different types into different thread pools. """ logger = self.logger if hasattr(self.compiler, "compiler_so"): self.compiler.compiler_so = [ key for key in self.compiler.compiler_so if key not in self.ignoreflags and all( [not key.startswith(s) for s in self.ignoreflags_startswith] ) ] # Set of all extension types ext_types = {type(ext) for ext in self.extensions} extensions_by_type = {T: [] for T in ext_types} for ext in self.extensions: extensions_by_type[ext.__class__].append(ext) def names(exts): return [ for ext in exts] # Separate building extensions of different types to avoid race conditions num_jobs = self.parallel for exts in extensions_by_type.values():"Start build_extension: {names(exts)}") with Pool(num_jobs) as pool:, exts)"Stop build_extension: {names(exts)}")